Welcome to the last ISSS CTF of the year!

To play, create an account on this site! (choose "unofficial team")
CTF runs from 5:15pm CST - 7:30pm CST 4/19

Helpful Tips

  • Generally, lower point problems are a bit easier and more beginner friendly. We recommend starting with those and working your way up.
  • If you're new to CTFs or security in general, we recommend starting with the problems marked [basics].
  • Feel free to ask us for small hints or pointers! You can come up to one of the officers or raise your hand.
  • Many of these problems are basically puzzles. If you get stuck on one, don't get discouraged! Try asking us for pointers or trying out a different challenge.

Contest Rules

  • If you'd like, you can participate in teams of up to 3. The top team will get prizes!
  • Please limit your hacking to only the scope of the problems. No attacking the competition itself. Any attempts to deliberately bring down the competition's infrastructure will result in disqualification.